raising up a generation of Jesus-loving kids

Our story started with three people who felt the burden of the Father’s heart for the extensive number of broken children in Logan.

These kids experience hurt and neglect as a result of widespread domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and fatherlessness.

The effects can be seen across Logan: dirty, hungry and lonely children left outside without the care and love they need.

The cycle of addiction is clear: children grow up and fall into the same traps their parents did.

Love for these children inspired the idea to run a program in a local park. The purpose was to share God’s loving heart with them. We believed that by simply giving these children unconditional love, their lives could be changed forever - and that is what we have seen.

The Kingdom Kids park events are run very simply. We gather with the children, run games, share a short message from God’s word and provide afternoon tea. Through this we build relationships with the children, and and it’s through those relationships that their lives are transformed.

We believe that the park events are simply the launchpoint for greater investment into the lives of the children’s families. By building relationships with the parents as well, we are seeing whole households experience transformation.

Our hope is that this model can be replicated to impact more children and that many can be awakened to and transformed by the Father’s heart.


Want to join us?

Please reach out to us if God puts these kids on your heart and you would like to support by praying for us, donating, volunteering or joining the team.

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